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    Tokyo Game Show

    Tokyo Game Show Attending Tokyo Game Show (TGS), checking out some games, touring the floor, meeting the booth babes and going through some awesome free loot!

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    How Cool Japan can become more hip and successful

    How Cool Japan can become more hip and successful “Cool Japan” isn’t really doing so well, especially compared to Korea’s “Hallyu Wave.” But not all is lost, as Japan still has a strong pop culture scene, particularly in video games and anime. They also have some popular Jpop, Jrock, and Jmetal groups, such as Perfume, […]

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    What’s the best thing from Japan

    What’s the best thing from Japan? Japanese Anime, Manga, Games and everything Cool Japan. Japanese anime manga games and music are so popular abroad that people call the subculture “Cool Japan”. What part of Japanese culture is loved by Japanese people?

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    Zeliria Sanctuary visual novel

    To be an elite fighter of special forces is cool! Strength, dexterity, popularity with the opposite sex, and loyal friends – all this our Maxx has in abundance. Combat missions are difficult, but they give enough thrills to feel your life in all its glory! Alas, even such a dynamic life bores with time; and […]

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    Top 5 Horror Animes

    Are you someone who is looking for something that would make you jump out of your skin? Are you someone who is looking to torture yourself with weeks of sleeplessness? Are you someone who wants to make their nights a bit more …unsettling? Well, then here are 5 horror animes that would make you too […]

  • Another

    Source Another first class horror anime that is not so much filled with ghosts and demons, but psychological terror and tension. A young student named Kōichi Sakakibara tranfers to class 3-3 of Yomiyama North Middle School and finds out that everyone ignores a girl with an eyepatch and treat her as if she doesn’t exist. […]

  • Ghost Hunt

    Source A group of paranormal investigators comprising of exorcists of different faiths come together to deal with supernatural activities that plague their clients. The anime has several arcs that span multiple episodes. The stories are brilliant and deep. That being said, the horror elements in this anime can be slow to reveal and be subtle […]

  • Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

    Source A brilliant and beautiful episodic anime which tells us many different horror stories based on Japanese Folklore and their Urban legends. In every episode, a man with a mask on his face comes to the children’s park at 5pm and tells them horror stories. The stories are intriguing and thoughtful in nature and the […]

  • Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

    Source A group of friends perform a ritual to seal their friendship forever. However, instead of revelling on their bond, they are instead transported to an alternate version of their school which has them trapped in the building. Soon, they get separated and the body count starts to rise. No place is safe. Everywhere they […]

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